Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 15:21

Hospitals have a great need for energy, both for their installations, heating and hot water. In recent years, many hospitals have invested in more sustainable techniques. That is also the case in the UZA in Antwerp. On Tuesday, May 30, 2017 our project manager Steven Davidson and CEO Sébastien Farinotti explain in Z-Energy on Canal Z, how the collaboration with Dirk De Man, head of the technical service of the UZA, resulted in a successful cogeneration project with optimization of the sanitary hot water production and significant energy savings.


The UZA is very progressive in the field of sustainability and chooses resolutely for efficient installations with minimum consumption. In recent years, a lot of "green" investments have been done, including an energy-neutral new building, the construction of a borehole energy storage field, sustainable interventions during renovation works, etc.

The CHP that the UZA installed in 2015 in cooperation with Vanparijs Engineers is another good example. The hospital was looking for a solution to expand the heat production and at the same time lower the total energy consumption – and the associated costs. The 1560 kW CHP got a place in the energy building of the hospital. Two buffer vessels provide additional heat storage and the exhaust system was built so that the heat from the flue gases can be recovered.

After the construction of the CHP, the sanitary hot water production has also been renovated. The new plant was built in a more compact and more efficient way (less heat losses and lower return temperature) which also improved the efficiency of the CHP and thus led to substantial additional savings.

Thanks to these optimizations the plant was earned back in less than 3 years. The CHP is in operation for 4 years now and allows the UZA to save about 30% on the annual energy bill.