Welcome to Vanparijs Engineers!

Our world runs on energy. Without energy, everything would come to a standstill. Our economy, our society - in short, our daily lives - are all completely dependent on a constant and uninterrupted supply of energy produced, whether by you or by someone else, in an economically and ecologically responsible manner. 
For more than 20 years, companies have been relying on us for a specialised advice and customised professional solutions in the area of uninterruptible power supply and decentralised energy production. We design, build and maintain dynamic UPS systems and combined heat and power (CHP) installations, completely made-to-measure and tailored to your needs.
Our vision and approach are unique in the market: we deliver state-of-the-art installations designd with a passion for power and energy, developed and executed with a rational no-nonsense approach in a lasting relationshiop with our clients. 
Our motto: we transform technically complex projects into a unique bespoke product for our clients… THE ART OF POWER!